After probing the market for a good golf rangefinder that wouldn’t make our wives furious with us due to the price, we were surprised at how difficult the task became. If you have tried to find a good rangefinder under $100, you know what we’re talking about.

But finally, the glorious day came when we found the GoGoGo Pro GS24. You can get it for just under $100 and it has all the features you need in a golf rangefinder. Let’s start by reviewing those features.

Performance: 8.5

Features: 8.5

Quality: 8.0

Value: 9.0

Overall Score: 8.5


Optics are everything when it comes to rangefinders so to start off with, the GoGoGo Pro GS24 has a 6x magnification lens which can bring objects that are up to 600 yards away into clear focus.

Then there is the vibrating pin lock feature. By aiming the crosshair near the flag and slowly panning over it, the GoGoGo Pro GS24 reads the distance and will vibrate once it has accurately locked onto the flag.

There is also a continuous scan mode that allows you to see the distance to multiple targets within view of the device. This feature was really helpful when we were trying to avoid hazards. By seeing the distances to multiple hazards, we were able to make better club choices.

Now these features are pretty standard when it comes to rangefinders so we weren’t blown away by them. What really surprised us was that this $100 rangefinder also had a slope calculator and speedometer.

You can get “plays like” distances when dealing with inclines and declines and you can use the speedometer function for hunting! We didn’t really use the speedometer mode but it was still impressive that it even had it.


The GoGoGo Pro GS24 sounds good when you aren’t comparing it to other rangefinders but how does it stack up against more expensive competition? We found that the lens quality of the GoGoGo Pro GS24 was comparable to more expensive devices.

For example, we also tested the Leupold RX-Fulldraw 3 and found that the lens quality was almost identical to that of the GoGoGo Pro GS24. We also compared it with the Precision Pro NX7 which is twice the price and found that the lens quality was the same.

In terms of speed, we did find that the Leupold and the Precision Pro were faster at giving accurate readings to the flag. The Precision Pro also provided better range distancing – good for up to about 400 yards away from the flag.


We were impressed with how accurate the GoGoGo Pro GS24 was – especially when compared to more expensive devices. It was consistently accurate for hazard distancing and the flag locking was pretty much dead on.

The speed of the GoGoGo Pro GS24, as we mentioned in the previous section, is where it is lacking. Sometimes it took close to 8 seconds for it to give us our distance to the flag. It sometimes picked up trees behind the flag instead of the flag itself.


The Garmin Approach S60 is a very popular golf watch. So how does the GoGoGo Pro GS24 compare to what the Approach S60 can do? The most important topic when comparing these 2 devices is accuracy.

While the approach can tell you how far your shot went, it isn’t as accurate as the GoGoGo Pro GS24. This is because the GoGoGo Pro GS24 relies on laser technology for distancing while the Approach S60 relies on GPS positioning.

And when it comes time for club selection, laser technology will always be more accurate. While the GoGoGo Pro GS24 doesn’t have all the features that the Approach S60 does, it is a much better device if you need to gage distances.



  • Rubber grips make it comfortable in-hand
  • Very affordable
  • Adjustable diopter lens
  • Runs on 2 AAA batteries which keeps the device light
  • Two top-mounted buttons make it easy to operate with one hand
  • Comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty


  • Not the fastest at measuring distances
  • Sometimes picked up background objects instead of the intended target
  • The readout text goes out of focus if you adjust the lens
  • You have to pan over the flag to get its distance


We really loved this little rangefinder. It’s loaded with all the essential features and even some more advanced ones (speedometer, slope calculation etc.). And at that price, you can’t beat it. It held its own against rangefinders twice its price and works reliably every time you turn it on.

And while it may seem trivial to some, we appreciated the fact that you can attach a strap or lanyard to it. We find it very easy to lose track of smaller rangefinders and very annoying when you can’t attach any corralling apparatus to them.

All in all, we would definitely recommend buying the GoGoGo Pro GS24. Even if you have a bigger budget, this device gets the job done. Give it a good look if you have $100 or even $200 to spend on a rangefinder.